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Candy Pink Drops Vintage Wingback Earrings

Vintage wingback earrngs with hot pink drops.  The drops or either glass or plastic - hard to tell.  The bead at the top is most likely plastic.  The earrings measure 2 1/2" long. They are marked on the stem: Wingback Pat.2414382.  The patent dates to January 1947 and was made by Judith McCann. Wingback earrings are known to be difficult to master, but once understood they are extremely easy to wear and are particulary good for heavier earrings that might otherwise tug too hard on the earlobe.  The wing part and the stem should not be engaged. The wing part slips over the thinnest part of the ear edge in the front, the stem stays behind the ear.  Then slip the earring down so that the wing part sits on the inside top of the earlobe and the stem is behind the ear!

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